Alok Bharti

Technical Analysis Course

Technical analyst Trainer

Managing from personal funds to Company's portfolio; Alok Bharti has been actively trading in share market from 2011. The more he learned the more his interest grew in the stock market. He is a Consistent Profitable Trader and an excellent mentor when it comes to sharing knowledge. Alok takes care of the Technical analysis course and advances Techincal analysis strategies.

As an instructor, he enjoys helping students by contributing to online trading sessions daily and taking In-classroom sessions. Along with the Mentorship, he is a Full-Time Stock Trader, Foreign Portfolio Manager, and Research Analysis Expert. 

Stock market institute Research analyst , Intraday trader, Sharekhan mentor


  • Futures
  • Equity Stocks
  • Cash Market
  • Risk Reward Ratio
  • Full-Time Stock Trader
  • International Market Trader
  • Forex




Shyne Enterprises - portfolio Management

ISFM - Techinical Analyst

Technical Analyst DICC - 3 Year ( 2016)

Advisory Mandi (2013- )

Technical Research Executive

Sharekhan - Business Partner


Delhi, India



What students say about Alok

Alok sir is a great technical analysis course mentor. I have learned so much from him I cannot express. He practically changed my life.

I was so dumb with stock i almost ended up losing 1.7 lacs in 3 first 3 months. Honestly, i tried other institutes to but it was so harsh and hard to cover the loss. Makes matter worst, i was losing it daily. You know the situtation when you make loss more than you gain everyday. Alok sir you are GREAT! I INSIST you , if you are planning to learn and you actually wanna TRADE in stock market then he is the BEST  !!!!!!

Supriya Seth

I have never seen any mentor trading live in stock market, all of them just teach and teach. he is the first mentor who is so aggressive in trading and he make profits in front of us.. that insane..... I loved the coaching from him and thanks ISM , for putting me in his batch.


Bishesh Jaiswal

good good good services, alok sir you are the best, your strategies, your risk reward ration, the way you trade in stock market, the way you make money most the time, is damnnn ! I remember the first day when you said you dont make profits all the time but you do cut your losses.iTS  in my head forever....



Jitender Sharma

Alok sir what can i say,, aap itne badiya se padhaya kasam se maja aa gaya,, apki strategies sooooo good.. Stock market me agar paise banana ho to koi aapse sikhee. Jyda tar loh paise gawa ke aate he par agar vo ek baar koi stock market course kar le aap se me gurantee se ke sakta hu koi ek rupee bhi nai gawayeeegaa




Adarsh Verma

Great services Great Portfolio manager Great Technical Analyst,




Himani Masiwal

If you are planning to trade in stock market? this is your guy right here... He is so perfect. I have hardly seen anyone like alok sir. For instance, if he buys or sell something in stock market he can literally give you 5-7 confirmations and reason. Recommended.



Saurabh Kumar

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