Foundation Lessons for a Beginner in Stock Market

Foundation Lessons for a Beginner in Stock Market

Learning fundamentals is the first step towards learning Share Trading secrets for any Novice trader or Intermediate stock market trader. Get hold of your basics and loosen your sting to follow the road from fundamentals.

Concentrate on Trending stocks to prolong your profits. Be watchful in your selection of stocks in your portfolio. Don’t get disturbed by the turbulence in the market.

Additionally, What is expected from a fresher is to concentrate on stocks in the news (economic, political, national, international etc.). Of course, this will help in catching the impulse of the market for a day trader.

Finally, you have a grasp of the fundamentals of stock you have selected. With technicals, Our aim is to make money by analysing the market. Studying less volatile stocks affected by micro or macro factors of industry gives experience. Follow a stock for 15~20 days and understand the market indicators.

If you want to give trading your best fling, get ready for all type of challenges. These challenges can be financial, emotional or psychological. Not to mention, You are striving for the best, so get prepared to train your mind. Again, It’s not only the Money in your wallet that decides alone your fortune in the market. Money comes with the stability of your mental frame.

Overall, you have good control of the fundamentals coupled with technical and psychological part of stock trading. In short, Go ahead and make profits from the market. Trading is a test of endurance where you create wealth bit-by-bit, gradually. To summarize,  It’s not an overnight journey to a millionaire’s account. In fact, persistence to stand the up and downs of the market and you are in the best time of your life – profits continue to creep in.


Seema Singh Rathore

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Head Education Center l Moti Nagar l ISM – Institute Of Stock Market

ISM has opened its Head Education Center In Moti Nagar,  You can check the Beginner, Professional and Advanced courses on our  Website, or you can walk in straight to our Center.

We will be delighted to offer the state of the art classroom to our students, It includes all the necessary tools one require to trade like a pro in the stock market. To become a successful trade one need dedication and a lot of practice. Think about what a doctor does before they ever do their 1st surgery and get that first big paycheck. There were years of stuff that goes on before, Now obviously we don’t have that 10 years to learn how to do this, what we have to do to is to take some serious time to really sit there and learn information and then practise it in.

Word of advice, once this class is over, you gonna have solid knowledge, not just stock market but some techniques you can use that can actually trade.  One of the things we recommend after your done with the class is to review your notes and study your notes. Before you ever commit any of your money in a the stock market, practice trade.