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Arbitrageur Course


Inside Certified Arbitrageur Course

An arbitrageur is a sort of financial specialist who endeavors to benefit from value inefficiencies in the market by making concurrent exchanges that counterbalance each other to catch chance of free benefits. An arbitrageur would, for instance, search out value disparities between stocks recorded on more than one trade by purchasing the underestimated offers on one trade while short selling a similar number of exaggerated offers on another trade, in this way catching danger free benefits as the costs on the two trades meet.

Duration: 60 Hours + Live Trading ( Excluding Doubt Classes )


  1. Basics of Derivatives Market

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  1. Option Strategies

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  1. Arbitrage

  • Introduction to Arbitrage
  • Concepts and terminologies
  • Technicals and Trades
  • High-frequency Trading
  • NSE to BSE ( Live Arbitrage )
  • Cash to Cash Arbitrage
  • Forward to forward & spot to spot
  • Fundamental Analysis in Arbitrage Trading
  • Interest Rates
  • Risk-Free Rate
  • Live on Cash Market, Options and Futures.
  • Pair Trading with Risk Management ( in Options)
  • Spreads
  • Demand and supply
  • Economic Cycle
  • Opportunity Cost
  • Discount Factors
  • Cash to Future
  • Future to Future
  • Long and Short Future Trading
  • Synthetic and Box Trading
  • Inter and Intra Exchange Arbitrage





learn to earn through arbitrage in the stock market, ISM Share market courses in delhi india

Perfect for

  • Investment analysts
  • Commodity brokers
  • Regulatory staff
  • Investors
  • Treasury executives
  • Stockbrokers
  • MBA & BBA Students
  • BA. B.Sc. Pursuing Students
  • Career as an arbitrageur


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