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As a beginner in the stock market, deciding what segments to pick for trading, the amount of capital to start with, or which broker gives the most discounted brokerage can be quite puzzling.

The Star Trader Course helps you understand the financial markets in every aspect and helps you invest or trade your money in a wise manner.

Star Trader - Ultimate Trading program is, by far, the most advanced, all-encompassing and a thorough trading course in the Financial market.

Duration: 3.5  Months- 4.5 Months Excluding doubt classes + Live Trading     or Fastrack it


One time payment ₹ 35,000

In Installment         ₹ 38,000

This course is designed for both Beginners or novice and professional Individual Traders. Star Trader Course is simply a combination of 5 Different Modules which are:-

Basics of the Stock Market

There is a ton of information out there on various social media platforms and blogging websites to learn to trade. However, for a beginner, this proves to be more confusing than helpful. In this module, we will do it the right way.

Derivative Trading Course

Derivatives are the market for financial instruments like future or options. This module includes an introduction to the various strategies like Bull call spread, bull put spread, call or put option (Buy & Sell), Intrinsic and time value. It further explores the hedging –using futures.

Covering 42+ Topics   Check Syllabus

Technical Analysis

This is what makes Stock Market Trading worth it. As we all know, Technical Analysis is the most crucial part of Stock Trading. It is the forecasting of future price movements based on previous charts examination. This course is driven by the desire to see traders succeed. 

Covering 27 Topics + 24 Strategies + Live Trading       Check Syllabus

Commodity Trader

Commodities are an important part of everyday life. If you drive any vehicle, you can be impacted by the price movement of crude oil. It can be a way to diversify a portfolio. This course includes the introduction, analytics, and thumb rules.

Covering 15+ Topics + Strategies       Check Syllabus

Psychology and Risk Management

Our psychology completely changes the way we trade. Any trade we execute can be highly affected, either directly or indirectly, by our psychology. Ultimately it’s all about when, how, where and with how much money we trade. It is very important to have the right skills and a positive mindset.

Why one make consecutive Losses and profits only by luck? How to overcome the fear of losing? What to do when you turn even your profits into losses ? Why you stretch your losses but cut profits almost immediately? This session improves your overall trading personality.


A. Risky Thinking

  1. Identification ( Source and Problem Analysis)
  2. Planning
  3. Constraints
  4. Framework
  5. Developing an Analysis
  6. Mitigation
  7. Other Risk Treatment

B. Hardwired Responses 

C. Retraining the Brain

  •  Avoidance ( Elimination)
  • Reduction ( Mitigation )
  • Transfer or Retention

Here's what you will learn Extra

Is it for me?

It’s designed to help Students, Day traders, Investors , Sub-brokers, stock Brokers, Relationship  Managers, Traders, Consultants etc

Features & Benefits

  • Daily Live trading
  • 3+ Mentors Cum Traders
  • Free Retakes
  • Class Backups
  • After Course Support
  • Internship
  • Job assistance
  • Trading Facility
  • Free Demat A/c Opening

Batch Timings

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Is there an exam?

This course aims to make you a consistently profitable trader or investor. However, At the end of the training, There is a NISM Series VIII optional Exam.

For Job seekers, who want to be associated with any recognized stock exchange, Corporate Giant, Brokering Firm or MNC.

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Additional Benefits

  • Travel Reimbursement
  • 3 Months SIP - Investment
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