ISM Institute of Stock Market Delhi

Corporate Training

Sales & Productivity - Covering Basics, Derivatives & Technical Analysis , Finance or Mutual Funds

Projects are important to Corporates. Each Corporate must have the Training and Skilling & Reskilling plug for the team. This programme benefits banks employees, Finance and broking houses to boost sales and productivity.

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What you can expect

Improvising human assets in the corporates while providing high-quality training and development services. We offering Management development programs hosted by Industry professionals and Experts at competitive business cost.

In-company programs, Open enrolment programs servicing the emerging requirements of the product and service industries.

In partnership with Hyatt Regency, Golden Tulip, Countryin, Taj, Regat Grand or more

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Inside Certified Corporate Training Programme

The Corporate Training Programme helps corporates arrange learning sessions usually for 8- 10 hours conducted by Professional Mentors and  Experienced Brokers, Traders, Chartered accountants and Financialists. 

Duration: 8- 10 Hours + Live Trading or Training + Case Studies 


  • Live trading or Case Studies
  • Reference Material
  • 3+ Speakers
  • After Seminar Support
  • Free Demat A/c Opening
  • Refreshments

Additional Benefits

  • Certification ( Optional )

Core modules

Basics of the Stock Market

There is a ton of information out there on various social media platforms and blogging websites to learn to trade. However, for a beginner, this proves to be more confusing than helpful. In this module, we will do it the right way.

Derivative Trading and Strategies

Derivatives are the market for financial instruments like future or options. This module includes an introduction to the various strategies like Bull call spread, bull put spread, call or put option (Buy & Sell), Intrinsic and time value. It further explores the hedging –using futures.

Technical Analysis

This is what makes Stock Market Trading worth it. As we all know, Technical Analysis is the most crucial part of Stock Trading. It is the forecasting of future price movements based on previous charts examination. This course is driven by the desire to see traders succeed. 

Psychology and Risk Management

Our psychology completely changes the way we trade. Any trade we execute can be highly affected, either directly or indirectly, by our psychology. Ultimately it’s all about when, how, where and with how much money we trade. It is very important to have the right skills and a positive mindset.

Why one make consecutive Losses and profits only by luck? How to overcome the fear of losing? What to do when you turn even your profits into losses? Why you stretch your losses but cut profits almost immediately? This session improves your overall trading personality. Working on Identification ( Source and Problem Analysis), Planning, Framework and Mitigation  

Mutual Funds

Learn to invest in the stock market in the instruments with almost Zero Risk. Discover the methods in the classroom to invest in the Smallcap, Midcap and Large-cap funds with Low Risk, Moderate and High-risk investments.

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Who should attend the Program?


Novice Traders/Beginners, Experts or Professionals interested in making stock market trading as a second stream of income.

Also, Traders with prior trading experience who wasn't a very lucky or consistent profitable trader. Learn trading live with ISM Mentors and Traders.



Asha Goel


Learning to trade for me wasn't easy as I was carrying very little time to spare from my Job. I tried fast track courses before but it didn't work out considering the speed and the information shared.

My experience here was totally different and honestly manageable. Thanks to Sachin sir and Alok sir for making it so convenient and so information .. I honestly never thought one would share a working strategy with someone else. But traders are so nice and generous here... live trading part was Awesome 

Jatin Chaudhary


Hello ,Im jatin and i am a btech student, I completed my btech last year and i planned to join share market as a hobby and profession. I did lose moneyy in the market around lacs just to understand how to make money in the shares. I love trading and the course was worth learning. I can make money now with few losses but with always a positive portfolio 

Ankit Tanwar


Thank you sachin sir, thank you Alok sir for being so patient with me. I would like to thank all the mentor of ISM institute who were so helpful with me during the course. It was not very fast and was very information, Real time , full of live trading and real money.


Live trading was the best part.

Kudos to alok sir for trading live with us daily. Noone i EVVVEERR saw trading in front of the students, ONLY ISM Teachers have the guts to trade live in front of the students.

ALSO THANKS TO OTHER TRADERS who were always there to helpp students like me to get the things after completion of the course

Concept is very good  and worth it..

I did pay them and i am happy with what i got. The best thing about the course was the fact that i recovered my fees with alok sir calls. 🙂 🙂