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Banks and insiders know how to make money when the market is going up, down or Sideways, and you can learn that too.

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We are forever striving to help individuals from all walks of life to prosper in the most innovative yet simplest of the ways for them to be able to lead an uncompromising style of living. ISM - Institute of Stock Market has affiliations at various levels in the corporate sector as well as stockbroking firms that handle a behemoth of portfolios, valued at crores in the national market.

These organizations hire from ISM, bestowing the students with the most lucrative of remuneration packages ever offered in the stock trading market. The courses offered, come endowed with a plethora of other benefits for an individual to emerge victorious while trading in the competitive environs of BSE and NSE, such as internship opportunity, library membership, free Demat accounts, etc.

We believe in you , we are ready to invest

Want to make a career in the Financial Market? There is nothing better than starting your journey with the year 2019

Features and Benefits

Trade With Experts

The stock market today, though lucrative, is quite competitive as well and having an expert by one's side to guide them through becomes all the more imperative. ISM gives you an opportunity to trade under the guidance of traders who hold decades' worth of expertise in the stock market and the investments domain. You get support at every step you take venturing out to conquer the stock market titans, such as Sensex and nifty, during the live trading sessions held at ISM.

Get Funds Up To 10 Lacs

The students who perform exceptionally well, whilst during their training regimen at ISM get assigned up to 10 lacs in funds to day trade. Since ISM understands and acknowledges that each individual has a learning curve, we share the profits made during the trade and absorb the losses made by the students; hence, giving them sufficient room to learn and enhance their skill set to be consistently profitable in the share market.

100% Job Guarantee

ISM - Institute of Stock Market has affiliations with numerous corporates and stockbroking firms that handle a behemoth of portfolios, valued at crores in the national market. They hire from ISM for respectable profiles such as Managers, Equity dealers, Stockbrokers, etc. ISM is renowned for having been an undisputed institute in that regard, with a 100% recruitment rate.

NISM & NCFM Certification

The Star Trader Pro Course shall accommodate all the listed modules, which shall further aid a student in acing the examinations. Successfully qualifying the examinations, shall imply eligibility for work opportunities in the field of share trading and investments.

Exam Fee

The entire amount that a student pays for the Star Trader Pro 2.0 course, shall be inclusive of the examination fee up to an amount of ₹ 12,000. ISM shall reimburse only the first successful attempts made within 6 months from the date of admission.

 Practice Papers

Students pursuing courses at ISM, have unrestricted access to over 1000 questions and answers database worth INR 1200/-, which are pivotal in the preparations of the certification examinations conducted by NISM.

What are you waiting for? Take our Free Demo class and book your seat in this batch by paying just ₹ 2,000*.

(Note: We do not take more than 6 Students in one Batch)

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