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Under the tutelage of our proficient faculty that holds decades of unmatched expertise in the share trading arena, we have managed to consistently set new benchmarks by realizing the dreams of over 500 students through an innovatively designed curriculum that makes comprehending the ever so intricate stock market, simple. We continue to strive to be a notch above and deliver quality education to students who endeavour to make it big in the field of stock trading.

ISM -  Institute of Stock Market, functions with the preeminent objective of giving the students an exposure to the financial market through an ecosystem-based largely on live trading models, which is next to none. A strong belief in effective mentorship coupled with a desire to learn, is what shall pave the way for an individual to be able to pursue the most profitable trade of their lives. Earning money is unambiguously good, but what’s equally important is the relentless pursuit for excellence; which is precisely what we aim at.


"Provide in-depth knowledge of Financial Markets and make Stock Market Trading students' second stream of income"

"The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself. the more you learn, the more you earn.." -Warren Buffet

About the Faculty

ISM has curriculums that comprise of innovatively designed modules, which, are rigorously taught and overseen by our team of learned mentors. The faculty is easily accessible all the 7 days of the week through several messaging channels, such as, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc; giving rise to the consequential symbiotic relationship between the mentors and the students. We, at ISM, understand the importance and the impact of being able to connect with the students well, therefore, lay great emphasis on precisely that aspect that makes for a fulfilling academy experience.

ISM - Institute of Stock Market, well recognized for its innovative approach to uncomplicating and strategically decoding the stock market in its entirety, has a team of capable educators that possesses decades of rich experience in analyzing, studying and simplifying the market for its stakeholders and further, preparing fertile grounds for nurturing the upcoming breed of share market savants. Our culturally and traditionally diverse environs; make it possible for us as well as our students to explore a vast spectrum of ideas and newer possibilities.

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Courses Of The Year 2021

The students at ISM are taken through a meticulously designed curriculum, which covers precisely all the major aspects of the stock market, hence, aiding them in understanding the technicalities involved in each of the trades of the domain. Teaching methods adopted at ISM are second to none since we provide our students with a live trading ecosystem, enabling them to easily adapt, improvise and mold themselves consistently as per the persisting conditions of the financial market.

We continue to evolve and align ourselves with the swiftly transforming trends of the financial market, empowering us to equip our students with the means to astutely tackle the challenges and manage the risks involved in the world of stock trading.

Student Life

ISM houses over 500 official student organisations, which comprise of extracurriculars, co-curriculars and Job opportunities in addition to academics. The students trained at ISM are not only confined to being extraordinarily active in the immediate surroundings, but also beyond. Whether working as interns under our Internship program, or helping & contributing to the community through our initiative -'Traders For a Cause,' or indulging in reading and research in the ISM Library; our students adeptly perform on all accounts and constantly learn in the process.

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The foundation of ISM - Institute of Stock Market was laid in the year 2016. In the proficient leadership of young minds, Alumni Association works tirelessly to connect alumni, support students and create an unparalleled institute experience through a diverse portfolio of activities, programs, and events occurring throughout the course of the year.

The Alumni Association at ISM was formed with the sole vision of fostering a strong relationship between the alma-mater and alumni. The events organized by the Alumni Association shall play a pivotal role in shaping the future and building a strong network for the alumni who form an integral body of ISM Institute of Stock Market.

ISM Alumini - Stock Trading and Investment Institute
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Library Facility

The World Wide Web (www.), happens to be the most effective and swift conduit for tapping into the vast knowledge base for the purpose of comprehending and analyzing the stock trading and investments market, but if you are one of those good old voracious readers who would at any given time prefer to read out of a real book instead; then you are in for a treat since ISM's library consists of numerous books concerned with the operations of the stock trading market and investments.

To pave the way for an aspirant to be successful in the stock market, ISM extends a library membership to those who get themselves enrolled with us for any of the listed stock trading and investments market courses, thus, helping them along the way to get to their eventual goal of Financial Independence.

Hostel LIFE @ ISM

ISM's proficient staff handling the department of administration assists students with finding a decent accommodation (PG or hotel) in close proximity to the institute without having to worry about any kind of an impediment whatsoever or any property brokerage or concealed charges. We have an unmatched network of accommodation providers since we have got into affiliations with several PG accommodations and hotels across the capital and NCR, which, makes getting accommodation for an affordable tariff; quite easy.

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Live Podcast - For traders and students studying in stock market institute - Live trades

LIVE Podcasts - For traders/ Students

Whether a novice seeking guidance or a trader in pursuit of an expert opinion on trade, ISM podcasts make it simple for them to connect with our learned faculty discussing stocks, futures, options, forex and crypto markets; during their podcasts. The mentors, professional traders, part-time traders, trading groups as well as seasoned investors; share their valuable insights about the activities in the stock trading market, making each of those sessions conducive to learning.


“Rule No. 1: Never lose money.

Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No.1”

                        - Warren Buffet