ISM Institute of Stock Market Delhi

Do's and Don'ts

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What I must Know?

Is it accurate to say that you are a tenderfoot intending to jump into the wide financial exchange sea, however somewhat reluctant inferable from the market volatility?

Presumably, Your dive into the Investing world can be full of Nervousness and energy. However, Investing can also be transformed up into a smooth and a sorted out journey provided one is well prepared and informed about the investing basics and rules of the stock market.

Some other precautions you must take to safeguard your Investments in the stock market.



Basic Instructions

- Register for Trade alerts

- Keep a regular eye on your Portfolio     

- Check Brokerage and other fees

- Diversify

- Take Informed Decision

- Do make investments even if its small



Basic Instructions

- Do not share your trading password

- Do not run after short term gains

- Do not invest based on emotions

- Do not invest in shares based on tips

- Don’t make huge investments

Other Instructions

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