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BSE Certification by ISM Institute of Stock Market

ISM Institute offers a wide range of courses in Capital Markets like Technical Analysis, Derivatives Market, Option Buying & Selling & Fundamental Analysis. It helps in the field of Advance Portfolio management strategies, including risk management and wealth planning strategies.

About BSE Institute

The BSE Institute Limited (BIL), established by the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in 1989, is a leading institution in financial education. Known for its extensive programs and innovative research, BIL is at the forefront of developing talent for the financial sector. Combining academic excellence with industry relevance, the BSE Institute offers a wide range of courses in finance, capital markets, and fintech.

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For following Certifications:

Technical Analysis Associate

Commodity Market Associate

Financial Market Associate

Certified Option Trader

Certified Currency Trading

Mutual Fund Advisor


The Level 3 exam focuses on portfolio management and wealth planning. It includes essay questions and item set questions, testing your ability to apply concepts rather than just recall them.

To prepare, review the curriculum thoroughly, practice essay questions, and take mock exams. Utilize study materials from reputable sources and consider joining study groups for additional support.

The passing rate varies each year but generally ranges between 40% to 60%. Success depends on diligent preparation, understanding the material, and effective exam-taking strategies.

Yes, many candidates balance work commitments with exam preparation. However, it requires effective time management, dedication, and prioritization of study time.

Yes, candidates must have successfully completed the Level 2 exam and fulfilled the CFA Institute's work experience requirements before registering for Level 3.

Passing the Level 3 exam brings you one step closer to earning the prestigious CFA charter, enhancing your credibility and career prospects in the finance industry.