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Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings

by Philip A. Fisher

This book is splendid. I inclined such huge numbers of successful things from this book. This book incorporates some basic advances on how to change you from an amateur to an ace. Having a bigger picture at the top of the priority list, the thoughts partook in this book just kicks you off. To turn into an expert, you must be devoted to seeing how the market functions and how you could benefit from actualizing a few procedures. I know since the specialized examination is a significant device for any financial specialist. I was really astounded by perceiving what number of imperative recommendations accumulated in such a short book. Creator completed a phenomenal activity. I'll most likely prescribe this book to my loved ones. I really appreciate this book. Thanks to the creator.

Very easy read and extremely informative for someone like me who knows little to nothing regarding investing.

However, some of the recommendations are outdated I suppose because the several of links didn’t work including the link to the free newsletter.

Also regarding the Oxford newsletters suggested by the author; he has one to believe that you can order one of the newsletter, however, on the website, the package comes with as growth and income investment newsletters not one the Growth and the Income newsletter, which of course drives up the price far from what is mentioned in the book.

I am very satisfied with this book. This is really an excellent book. This is a fantastic book for someone looking to start investing. I would recommend this book to any new investor looking to get a high-level overview of investing concepts. Truly makes the details of investing interesting. I really liked this book and would recommend anyone who needs such type of information.

I am very satisfied with this book. This is really an excellent book. This book includes some simple steps how to transform you from a newbie to a pro. Having a larger picture in mind, the ideas shared in this book only gets you started. To become a pro, you have to be dedicated to understanding how the market works and how you could profit from implementing several strategies. I know now that technical analysis is an important tool for any investor. I really liked this book and would recommend anyone who needs such type of information.

I picked up this book to gain the insights of one of the biggest fund managers and I think there is a ton of great life lessons to learn in this book. I have personally wrote trading algorithms and it's interesting to see how Dalio has systematized these principles to his life and business. I believe everyone should have a personal mission statement and Dalio takes this a step further by systematizing your entire life's principles he also pushes to dream audaciously which is awesome.

Why Books are important?

When it comes to the understanding of trading and investments, the “www.” is the fastest way to make your way out of the knowledge base. But if you are more of a reader and want a more detailed view or analysis of trading and investments, and a historical view as well, then there are several stock market books available on stock trading and investing that make up for great reading.


A good book has the power to lead a trader to monetary freedom and success in life.

Does Reading books Pay?

Reading is important for two good reasons:  One, It helps individual investors to stay updated in the stock market; Second, Books written by well-known analysts and great investors gives a thoughtful deep analysis of the history along with a Valuable inside story about what works and what doesn't in investing era.

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