Commodity Trader


Inside Commodity Course

The next step in the development of a successful trader.

We asked our students what they needed to succeed after completing their Stock Coaching... and the answer was Commodity.

Students will have frequent access to our mentors., with a focus on the live financial Market. Here are the topics which will be covered in the Commodity Trader course.


1. Introduction to Commodities Markets (International and Domestic)
2. Technical Analysis Revisited
3. Economic data releases & Commodity impact
4. USD & Commodity Relationship
5. Economic and Political Causes and its effects
6. Precious metals (Gold and Silver)
7. Options & options Analytics
8. Live trading in MCX terminal
9. Live Trading Session



Crude Trade Setup (Advanced)               Upto 15-35 points


1 Global demand supply play
2 Inventory Data
2.1 Data Analysis
2.2 After reactions
3  OPEC Statement & Global Impact
4 Real-time strategies

Fees & Duration

Fees & Duration

Commodity Trader

Time Duration :  5 hrs

Fee: 5,000

Advanced Course

Time Duration: 6 Hours

Fee   10,000