About Forex

Seeking an entry into the world of Foreign exchange can be frustrating for some investors. Some may even lose their initial investment even quicker. Without the knowledge of stock market investing, what one can expect, right? Investing ins Forex – Be it in Derivatives or Spot – Forex offers a different environment of trading and ample opportunities.

Did You know?

90% of Successful share market traders can Fail in Forex markets. One of the common reason is not being able to differentiate between equity Market and forex market trading style.

In Equity Market, one can make fortune by learning the simple game of transferring of ownership. However, the Currency market is a pure game of Speculation.

But there are solutions to help individual investors get over the learning Curve: Forex Trading Course.

Topics which will be covered

    Introductions to currency Markets

 1.1 History Of Foreign Exchange Market
 1.2 Major Currency pairs
 1.3 Base & Quoted Currency
 1.4 What are two-way quotes
 1.5 Appreciation & Depreciation
 1.6 What is RBI reference Rate
1.7 Currency Market Timing
1.8 Settlement Date Or Value Date
1.9 What Is Cross Rate
1.10 Impact Of Market Factors

Foreign Exchange Derivatives

2.1 Currency Derivatives
2.2 Derivative Products                                                                                                                                                                  2.3 Participants in Derivative Market
2.4 What are Swaps?

Exchange Traded Currency Future

3.1 Future Terminology
3.2 Rational Behind Currency Future
3.3 Interest rate parity & pricing of currency future

Strategies Using Currency Future

4.1 Export Remittances
4.2 Import Remittances
4.3 Investment Risks
4.4 Arbitrage Using Currency Future

Options in Currencies and more

Course Fee & Duration

Duration of the Course: 3 Weeks

Fee: 12,000