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Derivative Trader

About Certified Derivatives Course

With the fast-growing financial category, One should also extend their knowledge of derivative products. Gain in-depth knowledge of various unlying financial market instruments.

Learn the skills to unriddle the technical intricacy of derivatives. It is easy to learn and totally functional.


Topics which will be covered

Basics of Derivatives

1.1 What are Derivatives?
1.2 Products of Derivative Market
1.2.1 Forward contracts
1.2.2 Futures contracts
1.2.3 Options
1.2.4 Swaps
1.3 Derivative Market Participants 

Introduction to forwards and futures

2.1 Major Limitations of Forwards
2.2 Future Contract and its Features
2.3 Naked and Calendar Spread Positions
2.4 Pay-off Future Contract
2.5 Price Risk in Index Futures
2.6 Hedging- Using Futures

Introductions to Options

3.1 What are Options?
3.1.1 Call Option- Buy & Sell
3.1.2 Put Option- Buy & Sell
3.2 Important Terminologies
3.3 Intrinsic Value and Time Value
3.4 Strategies for Trading Options
3.4.1 Long Straddle
3.4.2 Bull Call Spread -  Bear Call Spread
3.4.3 Bear Put Spread - Bear Put Spread
3.4.4 Short Straddle
3.4.5 Other Scenarios 

What is OI?

4.1 What are Greeks?
4.2 Live Trade

Course Fee & Duration

Duration of the Course: 16 Hours + Live Trading ( Excluding Doubt classes)

Fee: 18,000

Why not try before you buy?

Is it for me?

It’s designed to help Students Day traders, Investors , Sub-brokers, stock Brokers, Relationship  Managers, Traders, Consultants etc

Is there an exam?

At the end of the training is a NISM Series VIII Schedule optional Exam which will seek to create a knowledge benchmark in case you want to be associated with any recognized stock exchange.