ISM Institute of Stock Market Delhi

Interest Rate

Interest Rates and Time Value Of Money

Introduction; Factors affecting the level of interest rate; Impact and classification of
interest rate and Present value, Future value and Discount factor

Money and Fixed Income Markets

Money markets and fixed income markets.

Government Bonds

Introduction to and Characteristics of Bonds; Concept of yield; Relationship
between bond price and interest rate; Repo and cost of funding and other bond

Interest Rate Derivatives

OTC Derivatives; Exchange traded contracts and key terminology of futures market.

Interest Rate Futures (IRF) in India

Interest rate futures; Rationale; Contract specifications; Settlement and Risk Management.

An Explanation of Key Concepts in IRF

Why a notional bond is being used as underlying; Conversion factor; Invoice price;
Cheapest to deliver bond; Bond basis.

Applications and Trading of Interest Rate Futures

Participants in the IRF market; hedging applications of interest rate derivatives;
Speculation and Arbitrage strategy.

Duration of the Course:

2 Weeks

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Is it for me?

It’s designed to help Students Day traders, Investors , Sub-brokers, stock Brokers, Relationship  Managers, Traders, Consultants etc

Is there an exam?

At the end of the training is a NISM Series VIII Schedule optional Exam which will seek to create a knowledge benchmark in case you want to be associated with any recognized stock exchange.