Mutual Fund

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Considering the volatility in today's financial market, it might become little too confusing to the investors who aren't ready with their equity investment. However, there is one instrument called "Mutual Funds'. Investors can easily get into without taking too much risk on their investment.

We will share with you how you can do better when it comes to investing money in Mutual funds.

Here are the topics which will be covered

1. Introduction to investing
2. What is Mutual Fund?
3. How does Mutual Fund work?
4. Mutual Fund Schemes
4.1 Regular or retail Plan Vs Direct Plan
4.2 By Structure and By Investment Objective
4.3 Other Categories
5. Role of Mutual Funds
6. The advantage of Mutual Funds
7. Frequently Used Jargons: NAV, Sale Price, Repurchase Price, Redemption Price, Entry & Exit Loads Etc
8. Profitability Matrix
9. History of Mutual Fund in India
10. Facts about Indian Mutual Fund Industry
11. SIP-Systematic Investment Plan
11.1 Modes of Investment in Mutual Fund
11.2 What Is SIP?

11.3 Difference Between Modes of Investment
11.4 Benefits Of SIP: Rupee Cost Averaging and Value Investing
12. Power of Compounding: Calculation of Returns Using Financial Calculator & Excel
13. How Returns on Mutual Funds are taxed?

Course Fee & Duration

Duration: 4 hours ( 2 workshops)

Fee: FREE Advice & Registration