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Inside Option Strategies

The next step in the development of a successful trader.

An option is an agreement composed by a merchant that passes on to the buyer the right — yet not the commitment — to purchase (on account of a call option) or to move (on account of a put option) a specific resource, at a specific price (Strike price/Exercise price) in future.

As a byproduct of conceding the option, the vendor gathers an installment (the premium) from the buyer. Exchange-traded options structure a critical class of options which have institutionalized contract highlights and trade on open exchanges, encouraging exchanging among an extensive number of investors. They give settlement ensure by the Clearing Corporation consequently lessening counterparty chance.

Options can be utilized for supporting, taking a view on the future bearing of the market, for exchange or for actualizing techniques which can help in producing salary for investors under different economic situations.

  • Introduction to Options
  • Index options
  • Stock options
  • Buyer of an option
  • Writer/seller of an option
  • Call option
  • Put option
  • Option price/premium
  • Expiration Date
  • Strike Price
  • American Options
  • European Options
  • In-the-money Option
  • At-the-money option
  • Out-of-the-money option
  • The intrinsic value of an option
  • Time value of an option

B. Strategies

2. Long and Short Call

3. Synthetic call

4. Long and Short Put

5. Covered Call and Protective Put

6.Long combo

8. Long Straddle and Short Straddle

9. Long Strangle and Short Strangle

10. Collar

11. Bull Call Spread Strategy and Bear Call Spread Strategy

12. Bull put spread and Bear put Spread Strategy

13. Ratio Spreads

14.  Condor and Iron Condor Strategies

C. Analysis

  • Open interest Analysis
  • Put call ratio analysis
  • Max  Pain Analysis
  • Greeks analysis

15. Box spread

16. Convention

17. Butterfly

18. Beta Hedging

D. How to use technical analysis on Option strategies

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  • 35+ Topics
  • Preparation Notes
  • LIVE Trading
  • 1:3 Risk reward ratio