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Now, this is where things get interesting. One of the most crucial aspects of stock trading is Technical Analysis. It refers to the forecasting of potential fluctuations in the prices based on the previous charts.

Technical Analysis is also known as the backbone of the Stock market investing and Trading. It is designed for those who are just dipping their toes into the vast world of charts and technical analysis.

Every single trader that utilises technical analysis at one point of time was very brand new to everything. Information out there present on other websites which should certainly be utilised but it is important that we stay organised and don't get overwhelmed and be able to direct our focus and education to learn what is most important and be able to apply it in the real world to become more profitable traders.


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When trading stocks on technical data:-

  • All the fundamental factors affecting a stock's value are supposedly already figured into the charts so an investor can quickly discern trends of a stock's value without having to research all the different types of fundamental data affecting that stock.

Technical programmable mathematical algorithmic formulas:-

  • These can be created and utilized and give an investor the needed edge over other investors who do not use such formulas. This works fairly well for trading firms, banks, broker-dealers and in aggressive professional day trading and swing trading strategies. Such programs are especially helpful for trading medium to larger cap stocks.

Identifying technical historical trading patterns:-

  •  The charts that includes trading volume and buy vs. sell trader activity allows the trader to predict a new trend, a trend reversal, and the strength of such trends. In this way, timely entry and exit points can potentially be predicted for the greatest potential profit.

When basic technical data reveals potential trends that coincide with fundamentals,

  • A significant double confirmation of a future trend or trend reversal for buying or selling is established. Such technical confirmations of fundamental data is highly valued by extraordinary investors for trading penny stocks for explosive profits.

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Topics Covered

1 Time-Period Analysis 12 Price and RSI Relation
2 Types of Charts 13 Trading Divergences- Regular & hidden
3 Trend lines- Uptrend & Downtrend 14 EMA- Double & RSI Strategy and Stochastic
4 Breakout Theory 15 Pivot Points
5 Support & Resistance 16 Bollinger Bands
6 Channels13 17 Stochastic
7 RSI 18 Price Gap
8 Candle Setup Theory 19 Parabolic SAR
9 Candlestick Pattern 20 Fibonacci
10 Trade Volume 21 LIVE trading with Real Money
11 Open Interest and Decision Making


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