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Jesse Lauriston Livermore

Jesse Lauriston Livermore was an American investor. He was born on July 26, 1877 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. He is popularly known as Boy Plunger and The Great Bear of Wall. He started his trading career at the age of 14. After running away from home, he began a career by posting quotes at the Paine Webber brokerage in Boston.

He would note down his calculations about the future market while working and would check his accuracy later. Convinced by one of his friends, he put his first money on the market by making a bet at a bucket shop, a type of gambling establishment that takes bets on stock prices. He did this at the age of 15. Later, he went on to quit his job and become a full-time trader.

After about 6 months of trading on Wall Street, he went bust. He had discovered that his bucket shop strategies were not effective in his new environment. His first big win was when he went to Northern Pacific stocks where he turned $10,000 into $50,000.

The trading strategies that Livermore gave are being continuously studied and absorbed by modern day traders and he is often quoted regarding emotional aspects of trading. He believed in trading with a tred and studying the markets well.

William Delbert Gann

William Delbert Gann or W.D. Gann was a finance trader. He is widely known for developing various technical analysis tools known as the Gann angles, Square of 9, Hexagon and the circle of 360. His methods are based on geometry, astronomy , astrology and ancient mathematics for the prediction of events in the financial markets.

Gann was born in Lufkin, Texas. His father was a cotton farmer. He started trading in 1902, at the age of 24.  He is believed to be a great student of the bible. He is known to have studied the ancient Greek and Egyptian cultures.  Gann has authored a number of books and courses on shares and commodities trading.  Even though he neither graduated from school, nor did he attend any high as he was needed at home for work on the farm, his disciples claim that he was the most successful trader who ever lived. He started his career in a brokerage firm in Texarkana and attending business school at night. A year after he began his career in trading in 1902, he moved to New York City to work at a Wall Street brokerage firm. Later, he commenced his own brokerage firm. He developed his trading strategies mostly by the mistakes made by his clients.

George Soros

George Soros is an American investor and Philanthropist. With a net worth of $8 billion, he has donated more than $32 billion to the philanthropic foundation. He attended London school of economics and got masters. Starting as a bank employee at different merchant banks in the united states and London, Soros eventually starting his own first hedge fund entitled double eagle in the year 1969.

To start Soros funds, he used his profits from his first funds, he renamed double eagle to Quantum Fund. This fund was managing approx $12.5 million in assets which later jacked up to $25 billion. Also known as the "The Man who broke the Bank of England", Made a profit of$1 billion during the Black Wednesday for UK currency crisis by shorting the Pounds. To identify Asset bubbles and fundamental or Market value of securities, Soros formulated Karl Popper's theory as well. 

Soros often stays in news headlines due to his support of liberal political and progressive causes. His foundation, The Open Society Foundations, donates cash for such causes. For an instance, He donated approx $12 billion to Philanthropic causes, to reduce poverty and University scholarships.

There were few claims those categorised him as "Puppet master" behind alleged global plots which turned out to be False.

Richard Dennis

A trader from 1980, Richard is a founder and a commodities speculator. He was also called the Prince of The Pit. He is widely known for his account growth from $1600 to, an unbelievable figure, $200 million in approx 9 years. His major loss was when a trading fund under his management incurred losses due to the market crash in the year 1987. He had also retired for several years and actively participated in a drug campaign,


At the age of 17, he was on the CME trading floor running orders. Later he began trading himself at MidAmerican Exchange in commodities. Even after a slight complication because of his age, as he was not legally eligible to take trades by himself he asked his father to do so on his behalf.

Training was a passion for him which is why he even left a scholarship program in philosophy. Borrowing $1200 for a seat in an exchange which cost him $800, he only had $400 to trade. Soon, in 1970 his portfolio was already $3,000 and in 19 he was already over one hundred thousand dollars. Next year, he made a profit of $500,000 trading a company entitled soybeans and the same year he was a millionaire.

Dennis believed that trading in the stock market can be taught. With William Eckhardt, he trained 21 People in 1983 and 1984. That group was called Turtles. That group earned a total of $175 million.

Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Tudor Jones is one of the most famous and recognized traders of the world. His fund Tudor investment corp. has around $10 billion dollars in assets under management. Having an estimated net worth of $5 billion himself.

He got recognized in 1980 when he successfully predicted the Black Monday crash on 1987. Jones became a Trailblazer in the area of global macro investing and was a big reason for the rise of the hedge funds industry.

He was born in Memphis. He stayed there for early education. He used to write articles for his college under the pseudo name " Ego jones". It was at this time that he claims to have read an article about Richard Dennis ' the successful commodity trader who is famously training the traders. This left an impression on him, which he felt like as Dennis has the best job in the world. He started his career as floor Clark, although he spent a lot of his time as analytic work. He used to watch the market and see how it works. After half year, He returned to New Orleans, where he learned about the stock market and how to execute trades.

From 1980-1984, He only experiences one single loss in the month at the New York cotton exchange. He got bored from trading until 1984 where he decided that he would go to money management.

David Tepper

David runs a hedge fund titled Appaloosa Management. He is now managing $8 billion in his fund, expert in distressed equity & Debt Investing. He invests in all different asset classes & countries.

His Average gross return over 40% for the last 20 years including the best year 2009 132.72% and 2003 - 148.82%.

His investment philosophy is investing in companies which are near bankruptcy. Bankrupt companies with high revenues having the ability to dig them out. He was also known for taking chances on the utility companies too, considering government will stay afloat since it is in public's best interest.

Examples, Invested in PCG and EIX, restructured under federal assistance. He tends to wait for disasters where he can buy for pennies on the dollars. Some of those sweetheart deals where Buffet and he had access to and others didn’t, but others can follow.

In 1995, he invested in Argentine sovereign debt, In 1997 and 1998 he bought Russian government debt.

2002 Bought $1 billion worth Enron Debt and made fortune.

Nick Leeson - The Rouge Trader

Nick Leeson, At first the superstar trader makes a splash turning huge profits for its banks. But behind closed doors, Leeson was playing fast and loose with hundreds of millions of dollars and none seems to notice until the earth shakes, Literally! In the mid-1980', Leeson works for a string of big banks. He climbs the ladder from a low salary clerk to a Derivatives trader Making an annual salary of nearly Six figures.

In his mid 20's. Leeson is at the pinnacle of his career. Working for Barings, the 200-year-old bank where Queen Elizabeth kept her money. By 1992, Leeson was promoted to manager at the bank's Singapore office. Someone in the 1990s there was pure invisibility in the market. Leeson comes in and he gets on this hot street along with making an authorised speculative trades by bets on the future direction of the NIKKEI 225, the primary Tokyo index.

He pushes to bank into the Red, by more than 200 Million pounds which amount to over 300 million US dollars and a desperate attempt to offset losses he continues to gamble, shuffling money around but he is drowning and no one seems to notice.

Leeson was the guy who was raking in the profits from the Queen's bank, Of course, they were complicit and turned a blind eye. To lesson's bosses, it appears he is a profit rainmaker, He is treated to a $100,000 a year. At some point, One cannot hide the losses. and it catches up with you.

Thus made the riskiest trade of his career, in 1995. To make back his losses, he buys Nikkei futures worth millions betting on the recovery of the sluggish Japanese market. January 17, Japan was hit by a 7'2 tremor and market plunges along with his fortune. The losses added up to 1.4 billion dollars, which Leeson decided to hide in an account 88888 in barrings bank.No.8 is considered in Chinese numerology.

Steven Cohen

Steven is an American investor, hedge fund manager and founder of asset management sac capital advisors. With a total net worth of $14 billion in equity; known for his rapid-fire trading who never held his traded positions for long period. 

Later in  November  2012, Cohen was implicated in an alleged insider trading scandal with an ex-SAC manager. SEC was also involved in the case and filed charges against many SAC workers. His ex-manager was convicted in the year 2014 and was also billed as the most profitable trader ( Insider ) conspiracy. Cohen was also charged with a lawsuit by SEC for not taking care of the operations and failure to manage his senior employees. Cohen was also asked not to manage any funds from outside in the year 2018.

With criminal charges around $1.8 billion in Nov, the hedge fund founded guilty and was asked to manage any funds from other outside investors. Cohen was the target for the investigation team even before Cohen escaped the criminal indictment.

John Paulson

John Alfre Paulson is an American investor, trader and hedge manager. The leader of Paulson & Co, firm based in the U.S known for his investment management. John Paulson is also called the man who made the biggest fortune in wall street. He is famous in the stock market from his high-end trades. He

He made his fortune in the year 2007, by earning $4 billion and was later called a legend in the financial world. It was not surprising for a money manager to become that rich especially when credit default swaps was involved. His high bet against the U.S mortgage lending industry made him even richer in 2017, with the growth of almost $3.8 Billion.

According to Forbes, His total network in the 2018 Beginning was somewhere around $ 7.6 billion. 

Jim Rogers

Singapore based James Rogers is a financial commentator and an American businessman. Rogers is also chairman for Beeland interests. Along with leading Rogers holdings, He also once was founded of Soros funds and Quantum fund management. Not just that, Roger was also founded RICI (Roger International Commodities Index ).