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SIP- Systematic Investment Plan

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> Its Never too late to start - Invest as early as possible to get Huge Returns

> Slow and Steady wins the race - Like the Hare- Tortoise story, Be patient and wait to enjoy seeing your Money Grow

> Consistently, Investing for long term activates compounding effect

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What is SIP ?

A SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is a perfect method for investing in the mutual funds. It enables the investor to invest in standard interims. It is an arranged method for investing, which develops the propensity for reserve funds and achieve the objective of riches age.

Under SIP, one can invest on a quarterly, month to month or week by week premise according to their benefit. A fixed sum is auto-charged from the policyholder's record and invested in mutual funds. A pre-chosen number of units are allotted at the present market cost. Since these plans are adaptable in nature, the investors can expand the sum or end investing in the arrangement at whatever point they wish to.

Why to Invest?
How to start Investing

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