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College Programme Curriculum



College Program

An initiative by ISM for sowing the seeds of savings & Investment.

                                                                                                                                    Course Fee: 1500


Duration: 1 week                         Number of classes: 3 per week                   Time: 2 hours/class


Topics Covered

  1. Basics                                                                                                                                                   Time duration: 2 hours


  • Introduction to Investing
  • Primary and secondary market
  • Market and financial investment
  • Live terminal


  1. Mutual funds                                                                                                                                       Time duration:  2 hours


  • Introduction to investing
  • How does Mutual Fund work?
  • Advantages of Mutual Funds
  • SIP- Systematic Investment Plan
  • Difference between modes of Investment
  • Power of compounding: Calculation of Returns using a financial calculator and Excel


  1. Financial planning                                                                                                                                Time duration:  1 hour


 Portfolio construction (using excel) – Live

  • Conservative – age group 40-60
  • Moderate – age group 30-40
  • Aggressive – age group 15-30


  1. The science of Stock market                                                                                                            Time duration:   1 hour


  • How to earn using charts  ECG of the stock market


  1. Early start to savings and investment.
  2. Advance knowledge of stock market.
  3. Clarity on the misconception of gambling vs scientific trading.
  4. Art of wealth creation with the magic of compounding – The 8th wonder
  5. Glimpse of micro – macro and global economy.
  6. How dollar, crude, inflation and interest rates etc. are interrelated.


About ISM

The Institute of Stock Market, established in 2016, is an acclaimed institution among stock market aspirants, providing various courses in the field of stock market. With over 500+ graduate traders, 15+ knowledgeable mentors and 25+ stock market courses for professionals as well as beginners, ISM proudly stands among the top institutes in Delhi/NCR.




Huge demand in the financial industries • One of the highest paid professions

  • Investments Manager • Relationship manager • Financial advisor • Derivative analyst • Research analyst • Option trader • Fund manager • Portfolio manager




Banks, Financial Institutions, NBFCs, Micro Finance companies, Rating Agencies, Corporates, MNCs, Research firms, CA firms, Media, etc.


  • Broker • Sub-Broker • Financial Consultant • Media and Advertising • and More




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