ISM Institute of Stock Market Delhi

FAST TRACK – Basics, Derivative, Technical analysis, and Mutual Fund.


Fast Track – Growth Investor Course

Course Curriculum

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Basics Explained




What Are Equities/Shares/Stocks

Investment Basics and its Fundament?
Brief History of the Stock Market.
The different Asset class with  historical returns
Inflation Matrix –Why Stock Market?
Primary Market-IPO, Book Building Process, ASBA
Secondary Market-What Is Share Market?
Benefits Of Share Market
What Are Financial Instruments Traded In Stock Market?
Financial Market Intermediaries-








Accounts Required to trade In Stock Market


Stock Market Analysis

D-mat Accounts & Trading Accounts,
How Does Share Market Works?
How Your Order Is Processed?
Intraday Trading & Delivery Trading
Brokerage Explained
Technical Analysis-Chart Studies
Fundamental Analysis
Contra Trading Styles
Other Tools-Algo Trading





































Stock Market FAQs & Market Indices.

What are Some Orders I can place?
What are the various risks once I start trading?
What are Advances & Declines, Bull & Bear?
Where Do I Buy Stocks?
What is Market Capitalization?
Other Major FAQs
What Is an Index
NIFTY-50, SENSEX -30, Bank Nifty, IT Nifty
Need of Indices
How is Index Value Calculated?

Free Float Market Capitalization and its Usage.







Mutual Funds

What are Mutual Funds
How to invest In Mutual Funds
SIPs, Wealth Creation through SIP
 Few Financial Planning Concepts





S.No Topics Contents





Basics of Future & Options

Future Market & Forward markets, Meaning & Difference
Hedging ,Speculation & Arbitrage
Beta Hedging and Portfolio Hedging
Basics of Options –Call & Puts, Option

Premium, Time Value & Intrinsic Value


Options Strategies

Covered Calls, Protective Puts, Synthetic Calls and Synthetic Puts. Straddle and Strangles (Long And Short)
Bull Call Spread, Bear Call Spread
Bull Put Spread, Bear Put Spread
How Options are Traded












Technical Analysis
1 Time-Period Analysis 12 Price and RSI Relation
2 Types of Charts 13 Trading Divergences- Regular & hidden
3 Trend lines- Uptrend & Downtrend 14 EMA- Double & RSI Strategy and Stochastic
4 Breakout Theory 15 Pivot Points
5 Support & Resistance 16 Bollinger Bands
6 Channels13 17 Stochastic
7 RSI 18 Price Gap
8 Candle Setup Theory 19 Parabolic SAR
9 Candlestick Pattern 20 Fibonacci
10 Trade Volume 21 LIVE trading with Real Money
11 Open Interest and Decision Making


Topics mentioned in the content above are there to give you an idea. There could be an addition or subtraction of topics which would be required to make you understand the concept and trading part more effectively.