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Here’s a Tip! Sensex hits a 10% lower circuit limit; market-wide trading halted?

We have seen many posts, articles, and youtube videos about the share market crash and everyone seems to be too interested in predicting the levels.

It is hard to understand how can someone predict a number? People who are doing this are astrologers? Seen corona spread before? or just hoping?

I don’t even remember the levels these YouTubers predicted honestly, but I assume there’s no need to recall them now anyway.

So, What’s special about this post either??

I’m sure you must be tired of seeing your portfolio in red now and seeking some advice. That is simply because you have never seen any situation like this before; neither have I.

This is the funny part, You are also aware of what to do now, but still, need a confirmation on that.

So, not beating the bush around, Time to quickly talk about the same thing again followed by the tip.

It is hard to express the need to make money here because of the severity of the coronavirus. I mean, it’s Dangerous. It has taken the lives of many people and it is not fair to talk about making money right now. Investors are humans too! right?

But for some people, it’s not about making money, For them, it’s about saving their investment. They are already invested in the stock market.

Yes, People who haven’t invested as of today can benefit from this too.

What to do?

Don’t Do Anything! yes, you heard me right. You kinda knew this already right? of course.

This is the only option we have! Did you say? Yes, sir! You are partially right!

Why is it better not to do anything right now?

Let me share you an absolutely amazing this, I have shared here before

1984India Gandhi Assassinated2004Tsunami
1990Mandal Riots2005SARS
1991Rajiv Gandhi Assassinated2007India grows at 9.7%
1991India Pledges golf to IMF2008GFC/Mumbai Terrorism
1992Eco Lib/ Babri2009UPA II
1993Bomb Blasts at BSE2014BJP Govt
1998Nuclear Tests2016Demonetisation
2000Y2K2018NBFC Trouble
2001Tech Melt Down2019Lok Sabha Elections
2002Gujrat Riots2020Coronavirus
2004UPA I2020Delhi Riots

Even after SO MANY Incidents NIFTY 50 NSE: NIFTY has managed to stay bullish!

Suggesting levels is like aiming arrows in the dark; but, suggesting market won’t go up again is complete bullshit! One should only be concerned about the time it will take, or even not that .

Why the stock market has fallen this time sharply? If similar events happened before.

Well, Thanks to social media! You are just exploited again…

Honestly, I don’t see it as a crash. It is still an opportunity that I might never see again in my life.

Calling this an opportunity might offend few people but again they might not be invested in the stock market, but we are.

So, time for the tip!

Sorry, you know this one too. Yes, you should keep investing in the stock market. The prices you see right now can undoubtedly go further down but those are the prices one should NOT SELL at!!!


That would be the biggest mistake you would do right now!

Its time to just Buy! Buy! Buy! Aggressively

Now don’t just put all the money you have left right now. Also, put it strategically, Diversify!

Don’t do this!

  • Do not take loan or credit to invest
  • Do not put all your money in one stock
  • Do not sell at the current prices.

That’s it! Now, You should do what you think is best. As it’s your money.

But do not be the dufus going on Facebook and asking some unknown guy about your investment.

I Hope, this helped. Be confident! Be Strong! Do not give up!

Take care of your self and your family.