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Who doesn’t want to be warren buffet here? Why making money in the stock market crash is tougher than you think?

Who doesn’t wanna be a warren buffet here? Why making money in the stock market crash is tougher than you think?

Thanks to warren buffet’s theory,

Sell when everyone is Greedy and Buy when everyone is Fearful!

It’s hard for anyone to buy when the markets are falling. As it needs an excellent vision and more than an average stock market education.

But who has the money left to buy when the markets are at such ground levels?

For years, people have been studying the stock market, and coincidently waiting for the crash too. It sounds weird but true.

Comment if were not planning to buy stocks during a market crash!

Moving on…

Who doesn’t wanna be warren buffet here?

I Do ! and I wanna do exactly what he did. I wanna buy during the crash. So once the price goes up, I should be in profit. But I have never thought these could be the problems I should be prepared for.

Yes, you read all the articles and watched those youtube videos on making money during the crash but these are the points you missed and never thought existed.

First, You don’t know where is the bottom!

Do you? Nobody does! Someone said you should never predict the top or the bottom of the stock market. This genius makes a lot of sense.

But when to invest? The market is falling daily by average 3-4 %. It is impossible to catch the bottom.

If you invest today, Next thing you notice, the stock market is down by 10% the next day.

Second, It is very tough to predict which companies will make through this

Stocks you saw trading all-time high 2 weeks ago, with strong fundamentals and excellent technical analysis charts are down by 50% and may go further

If that isn’t enough, SEBI allowed India companies listed on stock exchange extra time to announce Q4, FY20 earnings

You can simply bet on large caps or the leaders of the industry. It is easy if you look it that way but really? is that how you are planning to benefit your account during the crash?. There’s gotta be a better way, right?

Third, People who owe you cash are not paying you back ( MOST IMPORTANT )

Now, Who thought that would be a problem, right? It doesn’t even sound that tough! Believe me, IT IS!

Most of the Investors generally keep some percent in cash as a reserve to average a very strong position or for the times like this.

But when such a situation occurs, your cash inflow stops! People who owe you money are fired from their jobs. Maybe they were running their own businesses and are now just can’t afford to pay rent or bankrupt already.

So, the only investor who has cash left in his pocket could be benefited?

You also start hearing lines like ” Cash is the King”

No ! There is a way… And Don’t you dare think about taking a loan now.

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